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 Turn 12 Guide

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Luna Barrons

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PostSubject: Turn 12 Guide   Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:29 am

This one can be a real pain in the ass. Make sure your party plans out who will be doing what in this fight. Blackfire and Whitefire must be watched out for in phase 1. All players need to keep an eye out. In phase 2 make sure your party decides who out of Healers and ranged DPS will be swapping with each other before the fight. Making a precise Brand swap is crucial. Also crucial in this phase is the Bluefire and Redfire. Once again the target is Healers and ranged DPS. Best way to handle this is to assign one player to steps into the Bluefire and intercept the Redfire from hitting it's intended target. Onto phase 3. Tanks, please make sure to pull them properly in this phase and use Markers so DPS know which one to kill before you move on. Final phase! The Brand is back! As stated in the video, much easier to pass it onto the Tank and allow the MT and OT to swap it. The rest of this phase you can catch in the video.

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Turn 12 Guide
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