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 Desynthesis Leveling

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Luna Barrons

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PostSubject: Desynthesis Leveling   Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:05 am

A quick and easy guide to show you what items and levels you need to master your desynth skills in each crafting class. Please keep in mind that you can only have 3 crafting classes maxed out at any given time, so choose wisely. Most the items you see that come from "Vendor" are also craftable.

Coming soon...

dSkill 1-18: Weathered Skillet (vendor)
dSkill 18-30: Iron Skillet (crafted or vendor)
dSkill 30-36: Iron Alembic (crafted)
dSkill 36-45: White Skillet (crafted)
dSkill 45-50: Steel Frypan (crafted)
dSkill 50-60: Hell's Kitchen (crafted)
dSkill 60-75: Aged Mortar (vendor)
dSkill 75-80: Warwolf Kite Shield (PvP) OR Artisan's Frypan (tokens) OR triple-melded Wolfram Tassets
dSkill 80-95: Mythrite Tassets of ... (vendor, 2-4 melds, HQ Tinker's Bacon)
dSkill 95-120: Mythrite Tassets of ... (vendor)
dSkill 120-130: Titanium Plate Belt of ... (vendor)
dSkill 130-140: Titanium Tassets of Fending (vendor)
dSkill 140-165: Adamantite Tassets of ... (vendor)
dSkill 165-170: Adamantite Alembic (vendor)
dSkill 170-180: Expert Roulette dungeon items (dungeon)

dSkill 1-10: Weathered Shortsword/Weathered Daggers (vendor)
dSkill 10-20: Amateur's Culinary Knife (vendor)
dSkill 20-28: Brass Knives (crafted)
dSkill 28-32: Iron Pickaxe (crafted)
dSkill 32-36: Initiate's Mortar (crafted)
dSkill 36-40: Plumed Iron Hatchet (crafted)
dSkill 40-50: Plumed Steel Hatchet (crafted)
dSkill 50-56: Mythril Head Knife (crafted)
dSkill 56-65: Horned Hatchet (crafted)
dSkill 65-75: Aged Pestle (vendor)
dSkill 75-100: Summoning Bell (crafted), primal gear (Garuda/Moogle HM)
dSkill 100-110: Mythrite Pugiones (crafted/vendor, 4 melds + Tinker's Bacon) (15-30% base, 50-65% with Bacon Melds)
dSkill 110-135: Mythrite Lapidary Hammer (crafted, 1-2 melds)
dSkill 135-148: Titanium Scythe (crafted, 1-2 melds)
dSkill 148-170: Adamantite Pliers (vendor)
dSkill 170-180: Expert Roulette dungeon items (dungeon)

Coming soon...

dSkill 1-30: Buy increasingly expensive fish from Holasfhis (vendor)
dSkill 30-55: Giant Bass (100% catch)
dSkill 55-70: Mahi Mahi (MB/Gather), Giant Catfish (MB/Gather), Empreror Fish (MB/Gather), or Aged Decanters (vendor)
dSkill 70-90: Takitaro (MB/Fishing) or Megalodon (MB/Fishing), or Takitaro (Fishing)
dSkill 90-100: Gigant Clam (Fishing), or start on Icepicks early with the help of Tinker's Bacon and the blessings of RNGesus
dSkill 100-135: Icepick (MB/Fishing/)
dSkill 135-145: Mogpom (fishing, 100% catch)
dSkill 145-155: Fountfish (fishing, 100% catch)
dSkill 155-165: Hinterlands Perch (Fishing)
dSkill 165-180: Storm Chaser (Fishing)

dSkill 1-20: Rusty Needle (vendor)
dSkill 20-40: Brass Ring of Crafting (crafted)
dSkill 40-45: Sandworm Needle (crafted)
dSkill 45-65: Tortoiseshell Armillae (crafted)
dSkill 65-75: Aged Ring (vendor) OR Aetheryte Ring (crafted)
dSkill 75-95: Gold Spectacles (crafted - meld at least twice), dungeon gear (hero's/allagan)
dSkill 80-90: Agate Ring of ... (vendor)
dSkill 90-100: Agate Ring of ... (vendor)
dSkill 100-120: Agate Ring of ... (vendor)
dSkill 120-140: Mythrite Needle (vendor)
dSkill 140-160: Dragon Fang Earring (crafted)
dSkill 160-180: Accessories and others from Expert Roulette dungeons (dungeon)

dSkill 1-18: Leather Duckbills (vendor)
dSkill 18-30: Hard Leather Choker (vendor)
dSkill 24-33: Padded Leather Duckbills of Gathering (crafted)
dSkill 33-36: Goatskin Choker (vendor)
dSkill 36-40: Toadskin Brais (crafted)
dSkill 40-50: Raptorskin Ring (crafted)
dSkill 50-70: Legionary Visors (MB), Aged Grimoire (vendor)
dSkill 70-95: Bridesmaid's Sandals (crafted), Best Man's Gaiters (vendor)
dSkill 95-115: Archaeoskin Belt of Striking (vendor)
dSkill 115-128: Wyvernskin Belt of ... (vendor)
dSkill 128-153: Wyvernskin Field Belt (vendor)
dSkill 128-153: Dhalmelskin Belt of ... (vendor)
dSkill 134-159: Dragonskin Belt of ... (vendor)
dSkill 138-170: Serpentskin Hunting Belt of ... (vendor)
dSkill 170-180: Expert Roulette dungeon items (dungeon)

dSkill 1-20: Hempen Bandana (vendor)
dSkill 20-40: Cotton Work Gloves (crafted)
dSkill 40-46: Linen Halfgloves (crafted)
dSkill 46-55: Linen Deerstalker (crafted)
dSkill 55-70: Coronal Straw Hat (crafted), Aged Robe (vendor)
dSkill 70-95: Bridesmaid's Tights (vendor)
dSkill 95-120: Rainbow Halfgloves of ... (vendor)
dSkill 120-145: Holy Rainbow Scarf of Scouting (vendor)
dSkill 128-153: Rainbow Apron (vendor)
dSkill 134-159: Ramie Skirt (vendor)
dSkill 134-159: Hallowed Ramie Sash of ... (vendor)
dSkill 140-165: Chimerical Felt Corset of ... (vendor)
dSkill 143-168: Chimerical Felt Sash of ... (vendor)
dSkill 145-170: Chimerical Felt Breeches of Healing (vendor)
dSkill 170-180: Expert Roulette dungeon items (dungeon)

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Desynthesis Leveling
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